Hey, I'm Edwin

I'm a music producer, composer and artist based in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California, United States of America, Earth, Milky Way, Virgo Supercluster, Laniakea Supercluster.

AETHER music video

so tired...

Sleepless nights and guitar playing

chill lo-fi music visualizer

Into The Wormhole

Space cruise

gameplay footage from No Man's Sky

Moonlight Sonata

Every piano has a story.

live performance by me


VIP stands for Variation in Production. This is a new version of one of my favorite songs, Aether. 

still love that piano part


Music inspired by Theoretical Physics.
Available on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you listen to music.

The Aether was a concept originally proposed by early cosmologists in an attempt to explain the vast "nothingness" of space, which serves to carry all matter, energy, and forces. Light travels through "The Aether".
Today, the concept of the aether is obsolete. But we're left with the more interesting pieces of the puzzle: Dark matter, and dark energy. These are real, measurable forces constituting the majority of the Universe. We know and understand so much. Yet we know Nothing.

“73% of the universe is made of this...dark energy. 23% of the universe is made of this other dark stuff called dark matter. So in total, 96% of the universe...is dark. The stuff that we are made of, the stuff that we see around us: electrons and protons and neutrons...that makes up a scanty little 4% of the universe. What we do see, is affected by what we don’t.”
—Brian Greene, Theoretical Physicist, 2019 World Science Festival


A synthetic chemical element. Atomic symbol “Mc”. Moscovium. Created, observed, in a science lab for the first time in 2003. But it was predicted by Ufologists long before.

It’s widely speculated that the properties of element 115 match those of mysterious aircraft remains. The Roswell crash of July 1947, for example. The records mention finding material that was stronger and lighter than aluminum. Nothing like this had ever before been seen before. Humans, at the time, were not capable of producing a material with the properties of Element 115. UFO’s run on an antimatter reactor fueled by it. Creating antigravity.

Very few atoms have been created. It is extremely radioactive. There is no known proof of feasibility of any practicality. The science is still far from proving anything. But it exists.

Of course there are conflicting stories and explanations. And thanks to the art of human storytelling, we’ll never really know what is true. But wisdom comes from the mastery of many different perspectives, possibilities, and probabilities. So I keep an open mind.

I want to believe.
That’s always how I felt.
The X-Files series scared me as a kid in the 90s.
But I loved it.

I don’t believe in most conspiracy theories.
But I love to learn about them.
I understand how improbable this world we live in actually is.
Yet, this improbability, is reality.

So I appreciate suspension of disbelief.


Plans change. So we plan for change.
Believe in science.
Great improvisation stems from thousands of hours of preparation.
Have empathy and respect all that you do.
Humans are unreliable narrators. Most of us are human.
seek wisdom, in the form of the mastery of many different perspectives.
Think bigger.
Context might be one of the hardest things.


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